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Losing weight


Wah. Last post was june 1st! Lol!

Ok. Update.

The friend I mentioned in my previous post? My P managed to talk her into staying. Im secretly glad tho. Shes happier now after going on a travel fest last June with one solo trip to Krabi. That crazy girl.

Anywayyy… I think ive lost weight. Bahahaha…. I mean, I didnt weigh or measure myself or anything. I just realised that my clothes are falling off me and my husband plus some of my friends commented abt how ive shrunk. Beh.

I think the shock at being told NO for my attempt at ivf because my sugars were high up partying in my bloodstream drove me to take pretty drastic measures.

I started running again. In fact, the day after that crushing news. I started with a nice short 2km in end May… now I can run 3kms pretty easily. Ive signed up for 3 races this year. The first one will be in September. Then one in October and another in November. All 3 are for 5kms coz I still have my knees to think about.

Diet wise, ive gone to only drinking plain water or Pokka green tea if I feel like something sweet. And hot japanese green tea if I want something errr… hot. :p

I cut back all rice and went to a strictly vege and protein diet. Thats a really good cleansing and detox experience. Lettuce. Carrots. Asparagus. Tomatoes. Cabbages. Salmon. Prawns. Threadfin. Baked potatoes. That happycall pan really came in handy.

Then Ramadhan rolled in. I still run. Either before breaking fast if im gonna do terawih or after terawih. Instead of everyday, I run once every 3 or 4 days. But diet wise. All haywire already. Lol!

Celebrated racial harmony day at work the other day. Took pics with my colleagues. And then thats when I realised that, hey. Ive lost weight. Hahah!

Put a pic of myself fm my Bandung trip last Dec beside this recent pic of mine. And the changes are pretty obvious. Of course im happy. I have no idea what kinda numbers are involved. But I dont really care lah.

What started as a battle to get my sugars under control has resulted in my losing weight. Which I didnt really plan on but inevitably happened. And thats a super good thing. 🙂

And I realised that im getting a wee bit whacky. If I dont go for a run, a 3km At Least, I will get cranky. I will be upset. Hahaha! I will feel bloated. I will feel like shite. And thats quite a good thing too. Right?

I do get the occasional cravings for carbs and sweet stuff… like last week. I was dying for ice cold coke. Which hubb let me take a glass..I was petrified to take my reading later. So I didnt. :p

Then the other day I was craving for cupcakes la. Nasi lemak la. Roti boyan la… my dear body has been starved of all these ‘good food’ that it has tricked my brains into needing them. Heh. Nice ah my theory. But once I put them in my mouth, I actually feel only short-lived bliss. Coz then I will feel guilty.. then angry at myself.

My husband says ive gone whacko. Hohummm…

Its coming into the last 10days of Ramadhan. So far, I will have wholemeal bread for sahur. With eggs and cheese. Then for dinner. Anything I fancied. Or craved. Jialat….

Skali my raya baju dont fit how? Hahahah… I went for a 3km run earlier this evening. Then fried carrot cake for buka with my husband. Failwhale weiiii….!!! Hahahah…

Okok… tomoro I will restart my kambing diet again…thats what hubb calls it. All veg and a tiny bit of protein. And start my alternate runs. No more every 3 or 4 days thing.

Planning to include gym for strength training and swimming..after Ramadhan lah. The important thing for me is… to always remember why I  doing this in the first place. Not for vanity. Definitely. But given the colourful medical history of my paternal family.. with each one of my late dad’s family suffering from one or more of these conditions: diabetes, heart disease, liver failure, kidney failure… now cancer… I am not taking any chances.

I am already diabetic at 30. Now turning 32, I dunno which other organ of mine is gonna fail next. I run and diet now to slow down the onset of any other medical conditions. It will be nice if I never have them at all. But my sister in law who is a nurse, just delivered a devastating piece of news last night. That if its in the genes, it is hereditary. So I will die of a medical condition like my aunts and uncles. Whether I like it or not. Whatever I do or do not.

I leave it up to Allah swt. I can only do so much. And in these remaining days of the holiest month of the Islamic calendar. I only pray for a good life and a good end. This world is after all, only temporary. Ameen.