Monthly Archives: August 2014

3 digits


You know youre screwed when your weight hit 101kg.


Im screwed.

First order of the day. To run after subuh. Which is in 15mins time. Ok go.



And I’ve turned 33! Haha… not much celebration tho. There was a simple cake cutting in sch. Msgs and wishes on FB. Received pretty presents from friends. And a new Desigual bag from hubby. Thats about it. 🙂

And im blessed and thankful. To the Almighty. Nonetheless. With each passing day, month and year, we get closer to the day we return to Him. And after understanding that fact, I dont dig lavish birthday ‘celebrations’ only to have people weep over your death when you finally ‘return’ after decades of celebrating. Get what I mean? Haha… cynical. But maybe not. Just keeping it real. 🙂

Now that term 3 is ending, its that time of the year again to plan for a holiday in December. I am very tempted to go Turkey. And right this moment, my cousin and his wife are holidaying there with their friends. The place looks amazing from the pics they took. Mad excited. And now im astonishingly addicted to watching Malay dramas online. Current craze is Rindu Awak 200%. And the onscreen couple went for their honeymoon in Turkey!

All the signs!!! Bahahahaha….

But my husband ah… really fickle minded. Cant decide between s.korea, kashmir, India, China, Hanoi and when he got so confused with this 1 simple decision, he said… lets go back to Toba. Or Bali. One big wtf moment. Hahahaha… so im really trying to persuade him to go Turkey.

Natas fair this coming weekend. Gonna drag him down to have a look see and hope to score a good deal.

But first! What to wear for workplace annual high tea? Garden theme leh. Do I dress up like a huge overgrown orchid or what? Or like julia roberts in pretty woman when she watched a polo match?

Im running late for work. Of all times to start blogging. Till later! Heh…