Burying my hatchets Part 2: NZ


I met NZ in pre-u back in 98′. We hit it off pretty well. Long after graduation, we met up several times over coffee or shisha or dinner.

We were on relatively good terms until I turned into bridezilla back in 07′. To cut the story short, after a series of nasty blog posts, curt Friendster statuses and the likes, we never met up again and all communications ended. Instead of meeting up to solve whatever, we became strangers. And thats quite sad because NZ and myself had a pretty good friendship prior.

After 7 long years, I was invited into  an FB chatroom for alumni netballers. I saw that NZ happened to be in it as well. I decided there and then that this ‘silence’ between us gotta end. So I sent a message to her. Which she replied pleasantly and alhamdulillah.  We are ok now. We added each other on FB and instagram. No meetups yet. Neither calls nor msgs. But to acknowledge each other’s existence is more than enough for me. 🙂

The Sept hols is over and tomorrow, I start term 4. Last lap and perhaps the busiest term of every year. With it, I am hoping for my emplacement which has been overdue the past 3 years.

I worry about work because the results this time is not as good as of previous years. I have less than 9 weeks to work on them. Insya allah, with a little bit more dedication on my part, I can push all of them to do better.

Actually, I very badly wanna post abt sumthing thats been bugging me the past couple of days. But I have to push that to another day. The time is not right. Plus, im trying to train my bodyclock to wake up in time for subuh and do a morning run after. Its aldy past midnight now and the hubb is not too happy im still on my mobile. :p


About anahus20

Thirty something lioness, married to the Beast since 2007. Yearning to have their own cubs, to fill this wonderful den they've built(bought?) together. Adopted 2 felines and they've been wonderful company. But surely, nothing beats having your own cubs, yeah?

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