Missing Bali



We miss Bali. Thats hubb btw. Haha. At Seminyak Beach. Way back in 2012. A few weeks before I donned the tudung. I have yet to get to a beach or pool with tudung on. Hmm… no tanning for sure. Either that or I’ll have to resort to chilling on a remote private beach or a villa with a private pool.

My babysis is in Bali right now. A birthday trip with our girl cousins. Her villa looks smashing frm the photos she took and uploaded. Haiz… I am missing Bali badly. Mom called when Adek left for the airport. Said she wanted to go too. Hehe. Prolly surprise her in Dec? Mom doesnt like plans. Shes fickle and she knows it. She likes impromptu things. So we’ll see how it goes la hor.

Ok. Monday. Week 3. Soldier on! Haiz…


About anahus20

Thirty something lioness, married to the Beast since 2007. Yearning to have their own cubs, to fill this wonderful den they've built(bought?) together. Adopted 2 felines and they've been wonderful company. But surely, nothing beats having your own cubs, yeah?

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