Like i said, a lot has happened these last 4years. But most importantly, im still married to the sweetest man ever. We’re still childless. We still have 2 cats. We’re still with our jobs. So, what ‘s new?

1. We moved 2yrs back. From 110B to 121B. Less than a kilometre away. Haha! Upgraded to a slightly bigger 5rm flat. Initially planned for my mom & sis to move in with us but mom was not keen at the 11th hour. So now, all this space for us 2 and the cats. 😑

2. Hubb became part of a qasidah group & at 1 point became incredibly busy with religious functions every weekend. And we made new friends from there. Some of whom we grew rather close to. Then the group disbanded but hubb remained in contact with the Indonesian counterparts. He’s now part of Nurul Musthofa under Habib Hasan Jaafar Assegas’s leadership. In fact, he is in Jakarta now for a major maulid event.

3. After battling with diabetes and weight issues for so long, i decided to get vertical sleeve surgery. After a year of medical tests & examinations, i went under the knife on the 9th of Jan 2018. So far, ive lost about 20kg. Its been about 11mths now. Ive started nonsense eating again and hardly worked out. So ive gained back a few kg. They stopped my diabetes meds but i havent been back to my doctor so im a little on the edge here. Haiz. Discipline is key and i have very little of it.

However, im now a size 14, down from a 22 a year ago. Gotta keep at it i guess. And make new appts to see my doctor again.

Yup, thats about all i can think abt right now. 😂


About anahus20

Thirty something lioness, married to the Beast since 2007. Yearning to have their own cubs, to fill this wonderful den they've built(bought?) together. Adopted 2 felines and they've been wonderful company. But surely, nothing beats having your own cubs, yeah?

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