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Im baaacckkk!!!!!

Im never good with remembering passwords and such. So, being the bimbo that i am (sometimes) I created this new blog for me to resume what I do best. Rant. heh…. no lah. Need to keep myself sane by documenting every relevant (mostly irrelevant) points in my life. The way I did since I began blogging more than 10yrs ago.

What happened to all those blogging accounts? I forgot the damn passwords after not blogging for a while. FB, twitter, instagram has been keeping me company of late. But after a while, i realize theyre doing me more harm than good. Not gonna elaborate here on those, tho.

And yes, this year I turn 32. Been married happily and we’re turning 6 in less than 2 weeks. S.I.X. Wow…. hahaha! Still undecided where to go to celebrate our 6th. May be a short time to those married 10 yrs or more. But lets do a lil flashback now shall we.

12th May 2008 – Honestly forgot where how what we did on our first wedding anni. LOL!

2009 – Came back from my uni exams to a dimly lit house filled with balloons and a tiny cake on the table. With a handwritten self-made card and some candles. He just lost his job that time and we were slightly more than cash-strapped. But him doing all that… was just… amazing.

2010 – With the finances a wee bit settled since he scored a job soon after our 2nd anni, we celebrated our 3yrs with a nice dinner at Straits Kitchen, Hyatt. A little bit EXPENSIVE and a whole lot of not nice food. I’d rather go eat at Simpang Bedok or sumth. But since we were aldy there and determined not to spoil our ‘first real’ celebratory meal, we ate whatever we could and went home. Without the heels and ‘atas pretensions’, we had a real jolly good time in the comfort of our own house!

2011 – Again, the date fell on a weekday. So we made reservations at Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts. On our 4th year, we finally had a fantastic dinner buffet. The best by far. Hubb presented me with my first Tiffany and Co necklace with the heart-shaped pendant which I wore proudly around my neck for several months after that. hehe..

2012 – Our 5th anni finally fell on a weekend! Which means! Either a short getaway or a staycation. And since I had already completed my uni studies the semester before, i wasnt bogged down with any exams like in the previous years! So we booked a weekend stay with the Marina Bay Sands. Upgraded to a nice exec room on the 45th floor. Scrumptious lunch at   Todai (non-halal…dun judge) had a pretty amazing time up on the skypark that night with a night dip in the pool (bad idea coz the winds were going like or sumth up there so the minute you get outta the pool, ur skin will freeze…LOL!) MBS gave us a complimentary cheese cake and greeting card for our anni (i emailed them about it. very sporean right?) got our late check out the next day which means we spent the entire morning at the pool again! Yes, the best anni celebration. hahaha….!

2013 – undecided. hmm… falls on a Sunday… another staycation perhaps? But where?….

Certainly, in these 6 years, we’ve accomplished many things. As individuals and as husband and wife. We’ve seen each other fall and get up. We’ve experienced some highs and some lows. We’ve changed, definitely. But those are stories I’ll save for another time.

Im just happy that after a long long long while,

I’m Back to Blogging. 😀